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Dr. Moetaz El-Hag


Dr. El-Hag completed research on the Effect of Silane Coupling Agent and Dentin Root Regions on the Push-Out Bond Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Resin Posts Luted with Various Adhesive Systems.

His research in his final year was chosen by his professors to be presented in the EPA 2015 Congress in Prague. He graduated July of 2014 with honors.

Upon arriving back to his hometown of Kingston Dr. El-Hag started preparing for his NDEB exams. He spent countless hours at the Queens University Library learning from many textbooks and resources. He scored 92% on the NDEB AFK exam and also successfully completed the ACS and ACJ exams. He is currently preparing for his board exam.

Dr. El-Hag joined Prep Doctors in the summer of 2015 and has been a valuable member of the team since then.