About Prep Doctors

Canada's largest private dental training institute

What we do

Prep Doctors is the leading dental training & support services provider that prepares foreign-trained dentists to obtain licenses to practice dentistry in Canada. We do this by offering first-class preparatory courses that target the required National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) exams. We also offer Continuing Education courses aimed at professional development and helping all dentists improve their skills and maintain their licenses.


Meet the team behind Prep Doctors
Since 2011 when the direct route to dental equivalency opened we’ve been leading the way in preparing dentists for NDEB exams. Over the past 9 years, we’ve trained over 3000 dentists! An effort like that requires a big team and luckily we’ve got a lot of great people. Prep Doctors is made up of exceptional dental instructors surrounded by a diverse group of professionals, all dedicated to helping you succeed as a dentist in Canada.


Firas Abu Saleh

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Marwan Al Rayes

Co-Founder & CLO

Dr. Omar Al Rawi


Dr. Ban Alani


Dr. Fersan Marei


Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin


Dr. Ahmed Sabri


Dr. Dimah Khaled


Dr. Ahmed Judeh


Dr. Khalid Araim


Dr. Marwah Shakir


Dr. Amit Mehta


Dr. Amr El Maghrabi



Dr. Ehsan Mostadam


Gary Kalaci

Business Instructor

Ahmed Abu Saleh

Chief Operating Officer

Omar Abu Saleh

Chief Technology Officer

Ola Abu Saleh

Operations Manager

Imelda Vera-Cruz

Executive Assistant

Teresa Melnyk

Back Office Administrator

Rafik Khalaf

Back Office Administrator

Abdul Ahmed

Lab Administrator

Rami Alshoubaki

Systems Solutions Expert

Zohair Muki

Senior Application Developer

Uthman Quick

Marketing Manager

Xiangbai Lin

Visual Identity Lead

Ashani Jodha

Marketing Specialist

Batool Abu-Hijleh

Client Relations Specialist

Rani Sandhu


Ahmed Youssef

Financial Controller