ACJ (Condensed) August 2020 - Mississauga

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!
All Times below are shown in Local time zone.
Groups will open based on demand.
DateTimeRoom #LectureInstructor
Monday Aug 1711AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 1TBA
Tuesday Aug 1811AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 2TBA
Wednesday Aug 1911AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 3TBA
Thursday Aug 2011AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 4TBA
Monday Aug 2411AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 5TBA
Tuesday Aug 2511AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 6TBA
Wednesday Aug 2611AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 7TBA
Thursday Aug 2711AM - 7PMOnsiteLecture 8TBA
Saturday Aug 299AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 1 (Group A)N/A
Sunday Aug 309AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 1 (Group B)N/A
Monday Aug 3111AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 1 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Monday Aug 314PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 1 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Tuesday Sep 111AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 1 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Tuesday Sep 14PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 1 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Saturday Sep 59AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 2 (Group A)N/A
Sunday Sep 69AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 2 (Group B)N/A
Monday Sep 711AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 2 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Monday Sep 74PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 2 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Tuesday Sep 811AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 2 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Tuesday Sep 84PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 2 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Saturday Sep 129AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 3 (Group A)N/A
Sunday Sep 139AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 3 (Group B)N/A
Monday Sep 1411AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 3 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Monday Sep 144PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 3 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Tuesday Sep 1511AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 3 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Tuesday Sep 154PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 3 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Saturday Sep 199AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 4 (Group A)N/A
Sunday Sep 209AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 4 (Group B)N/A
Monday Sep 2111AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 4 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Monday Sep 214PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 4 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Tuesday Sep 2211AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 4 Discussion (Group A)TBA
Tuesday Sep 224PM - 8PMOnsiteMock 4 Discussion (Group B)TBA
Wednesday Oct 14@ 11AMOnlinePost-Exam Session & Intro to ACS 2TBA
Wednesday Oct 21@ 11AMOnlinePost-Exam Session & Intro to ACS 3TBA
Wednesday Oct 28@ 11AMOnlinePost-Exam Session & Intro to ACS 4TBA
Wednesday Nov 4@ 11AMOnlinePost-Exam Session & Intro to ACS 5TBA
Wednesday Nov 11@ 11AMOnlinePost-Exam Session & Intro to ACS 6TBA