AFK 2022 Cycle 1 – Crash Schedule

Online Course

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!
All Times below are shown in Eastern time zone.
DateTimeRoom #LectureInstructor
Monday May 910am - 1pmOnlinePedoDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Thursday May 1210am - 1pmOnlineEndoDr. Khalid Ariam
Monday May 1610am - 1pmOnlineSurgeryDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Thursday May 1910am - 1pmOnlineOrthoDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Tuesday May 2410am - 1pmOnlinePathoDr. Amr El Maghrabi
Thursday May 2610am - 1pmOnlineImplant-Bone graft (Online)Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Monday May 3010am - 1pmOnlineMedical ManegementDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Thursday June 210am - 1pmOnlinePharmaDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Monday June 610am - 1pmOnlineRestorative (Online)Dr. Khalid Ariam
Thursday June 910am - 1pmOnlinePerioTBA
Monday June 1310am - 1pmOnlineProsthoDr. Ahmad Judeh
Thursday June 1610am - 1pmOnlineAnesthesia&EpidemiologyDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Tuesday June 2810am - 3pmOnlineMock 1N/A
Wedenesday June 2910am - 3pmOnlineMock 1 Discussion 1TBA
Thursday June 3010am - 3pmOnlineMock 1 Discussion 2TBA
Tuesday July 510am - 3pmOnlineMock 2N/A
Wedenesday July 610am - 3pmOnlineMock 2 Discussion 1TBA
Thursday July 710am - 3pmOnlineMock 2 Discussion 2TBA