AFK 2023 Cycle 1 – Online Crash Course Schedule

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!
All Times below are shown in Eastern time zone.
Groups will open based on demand.
DateTimeRoom #LectureInstructor
Sunday, April 3010am - 1pmOnlinePathologyDr. Amr El Maghrabi
Monday, May 110am - 1pmOnlinePharmaDr. Chaoukat Alsakati
Sunday, May 710am - 1pmOnlinePedoDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Monday, May 810am - 1pmOnlineAnesthesia&EpidemiologyDr. Chaoukat Alsakati
Sunday, May 1410am - 1pmOnlineImplant Bone graftDr. Chaoukat Alsakati
Monday, May 1510am - 1pmOnlineSurgery (Cancelled)Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday, May 2110am - 1pmOnlineEndoDr. Khalid Arim
Monday, May 2210am - 1pmOnlineSurgeryDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Tuesday, May 2310am - 1pmOnlineMedical ManegementDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday, May 2810am - 1pmOnlineOrthoDr. Chaoukat Alsakati
Monday, May 2910am - 1pmOnlineRestorativeDr. Khalid Arim
Sunday, June 410am - 1pmOnlinePerioDr.Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye
Monday, June 510am - 1pmOnlineProsthoDr. Ahmad Judeh
Tuesday, June 2010am - 3pmOnlineMock 1N/A
Wednesday, June 2110am - 3pmOnlineMock 1 Discussion 1TBA
Thursday, June 2210am - 3pmOnlineMock 1 Discussion 2TBA
Tuesday, June 2710am - 3pmOnlineMock 2N/A
Wednesday, June 2810am - 3pmOnlineMock 2 Discussion 1TBA
Thursday, June 2910am - 3pmOnlineMock 2 Discussion 2TBA