AFK 2023 Cycle 2 - Vancouver

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!
All Times below are shown in Pacific time zone.
Groups will open based on demand.
AFK Orientation SessionFriday08/18/20237:00 AM08/18/20238:00 AMTB
Pharma 1Friday08/18/20238:00 AM08/18/20231:00 PMDr. Marwan
Pathology 1Saturday08/19/20238:00 AM08/19/20233:00 PMDr. Amr El Maghrabi
Phathology 2Sunday08/20/20238:00 AM08/20/20233:00 PMDr. Amr El Maghrabi
Pharma 2Friday08/25/20237:00 AM08/25/20231:00 PMDr. Marwan
Pathology 3Saturday08/26/20238:00 AM08/26/20232:00 PMDr. Amr El Maghrabi
Pathology 4Sunday08/27/20238:00 AM08/27/20233:00 PMDr. El Maghrabi
Pharma 3Friday09/01/20237:00 AM09/01/20231:00 PM
Prostho MaterialSaturday09/02/20238:00 AM09/02/20233:00 PMDr. Ahmad Judeh
Prostho 1Sunday09/03/20238:00 AM09/03/20233:00 PMDr. Ahmad Judeh
Pharma 4Friday09/08/20237:00 AM09/08/20231:00 PM
Pathology 5Saturday09/09/20238:00 AM09/09/20233:00 PMDr. El Maghrabi
Prostho 2Sunday09/10/20238:00 AM09/10/20233:00 PMDr. Ahmad Judeh
Patho Quiz 1 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday09/14/20237:00 AM09/16/20237:00 AM
Pharma 5Friday09/15/20237:00 AM09/15/20231:00 PM
Patho Quiz 1 DiscussionSaturday09/16/20238:00 AM09/16/20231100 AMDr. El Maghrabi
AnatomySaturday09/16/202311:00 AM09/16/20233:00 PM
Prostho 3Sunday09/17/20238:00 AM09/17/20233:00 PMDr. Ahmad Judeh
Pharma 6Friday09/22/20237:00 AM09/22/20232:00 PM
Perio 1Saturday09/23/20238:00 AM09/23/20233:00 PMDr. Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye
Surgery 1Sunday09/24/20238:00 AM09/24/20233:00 PMDr. Ibrahim
AnatomyFriday09/29/20237:00 AM09/29/20232:00 PMDr. Ibrahim
Perio 2Saturday09/30/20238:00 AM09/30/20233:00 PMDr. Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye
Surgery 2Sunday10/01/20238:00 AM10/01/20233:00 PMDr.Ibrahim
Pharma Quiz 2 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday10/05/20237:00 AM10/06/20236:00 AM
Pharma Quiz 2 discussion + Extra timeFriday10/06/20237:00 AM10/06/20232:00 PM
Perio 3Saturday10/07/20238:00 AM10/07/20233:00 PMDr. Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye
Medical Management 1Sunday10/08/20238:00 AM10/08/20233:00 PMDr. Ibrahim
Anestheisa 1Friday10/13/20237:00 AM10/13/20233:00 PMTB
Perio 4Saturday10/14/20238:00 AM10/14/20233:00 PMDr. Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye
Medical Management 2Sunday10/15/20238:00 AM10/15/20233:00 PMDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Perio Quiz on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday 10/19/20237:00 AM10/20/20236:00 AM
Perio Quiz 3 DiscussionFriday10/20/20237:00 AM10/20/20239:00 AM
Anesthesia 2Friday10/20/20239:00 PM10/20/20233:00 PMTB
Resto MaterialSaturday10/21/20238:00 AM10/21/20233:00 PMDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Medical Management 3Sunday10/22/20238:00 AM10/22/20233:00 PMDr. Ibrahim
Medi-Cal Management& Surgery & Resto Material Quiz 3 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday10/26/202310:00 AM10/27/20236:00 AM
Medi-Cal Management& Surgery & Resto Material Quiz 3 DiscussionFriday10/27/20237:00 AM10/27/202311:00 AM
Pedo 1Saturday10/28/20238:00 AM10/28/20233:00 PMDr. Ibrahim
Endo 1Sunday10/29/20238:00 AM10/29/20233:00 PMDr. Khalid Araim
Anatomy & Prostho Material Quiz 7 + 8 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday11/02/20237:00 AM11/03/20236:00 AM
Orhto 1Friday11/03/20237:00 AM11/03/20231:00 PMDr. Marwan Alrayes
Anatomy & Prostho Material Quiz 7+8 DiscussionFriday11/03/20231:00 PM11/03/20234:00 PM
Pedo 2Saturday11/04/20238:00 AM11/04/20233:00 PMDr. Ibrahim
Endo 2Sunday11/05/20238:00 AM11/05/20233:00 PMDr. Khalid Araim
Ortho 2Friday11/10/20237:00 AM11/10/20231:00 PMDr. Marwan Alrayes
Infection Control Basic Science & Surgery 3Saturday11/11/20238:00 AM11/11/20233:00 PM
Endo 3Sunday11/12/20237:00 AM11/12/20232:00 PMDr. Khalid Araim
Pedo and Prostho Material Quiz 7 + 8 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday11/16/20237:00 AM11/17/20236:00 AM
Bone Graft & ImplantFriday11/17/20237:00 AM11/17/20232:00 PMDr. Marwan
Pedo and Prostho Material Quiz 7 + 8 DiscussionFriday11/17/20232:00 PM11/17/20234:00 PM
Restorative 1Saturday11/18/20238:00 AM11/18/20233:00 PM
Restorative 2Sunday11/19/20238:00 AM11/19/20233:00 PMTB
Ortho + Prostho 9 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday 11/23/20237:00 AM11/24/20236:00 AM
Ortho + Prostho Quiz DiscussionFriday11/24/20237:00 AM11/24/202310:00 AM
Restorative 3Saturday11/25/20238:00 AM11/25/20233:00 PM
EpidemiologySunday11/26/20238:00 AM11/26/20233:00 PM
Restorative Quiz 11 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday11/30/20237:00 AM12/02/20237:00 AM
Endo Quiz 4 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday11/30/20237:00 AM12/02/20237:00 AM
Anesthesia Quiz 5 on Platform. Any time during the day for on hourThursday11/30/20237:00 AM12/02/20237:00 AM
RadiologyFriday12/01/20238:00 AM12/01/20233:00 PMTB
RadiologySaturday12/02/20238:00 AM12/02/202312:00 PMTB
Anesthesia& Endo& Restorative Quiz 10 + 11 DiscussionSaturday12/02/202312/02/2023
AFK Mock 1- OnsiteFriday12/08/20237:00 AM12/08/202312:00 PM
AFK Mock 1 discussion1 - OnsiteSaturday12/09/20238:00 AM12/09/20232:00 PM
AFK Mock 1 discussion 2 - OnsiteSunday12/10/20238:00 AM12/10/20232:00 PM
AFK Mock 2- OnsiteFriday12/15/20237:00 AM12/15/202312:00 PM
AFK Mock 2 discussion1 - OnsiteSaturday12/16/20238:00 AM12/16/20232:00 PM
AFK Mock 2 discussion 2 - OnsiteSunday12/17/20238:00 AM12/17/20232:00 PM
AFK Mock 3- OnsiteFriday01/05/20247:00 AM01/05/202412:00 PM
AFK Mock 3 discussion1 - OnsiteSaturday01/06/20248:00 AM01/06/20242:00 PM
AFK Mock 3 discussion 2 - OnsiteSunday01/07/20248:00 AM01/07/20242:00 PM
AFK Mock 4- OnsiteFriday01/12/20247:00 AM01/12/202412:00 PM
AFK Mock 4 discussion1 - OnsiteSaturday01/13/20248:00 AM01/13/20242:00 PM
AFK Mock 4 discussion 2 - OnsiteSunday01/14/20248:00 AM01/14/20242:00 PM
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