AFK 2021 Cycle 2 Crash – Calgary Schedule

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!
All Times below are shown in Local time zone.
Groups will open based on demand.
DateTimeRoom #LectureInstructor
Monday Nov 88AM - 11AMOnlinePharma
Thursday Nov 118AM - 11AMOnlinePatho
Monday Nov 158AM - 11AMOnlineMedical Management
Thursday Nov 188AM - 11AMOnlineOrtho
Monday Nov 228AM - 11AMOnlineAnesthesia & Epidemiology
Thursday Nov 258AM - 11AMOnlineImplant-Bone graft
Monday Nov 298AM - 11AMOnlinePerio
Thursday Dec 28AM - 11AMOnlineProstho
Monday Dec 68AM - 11AMOnlinePedo
Thursday Dec 98AM - 11AMOnlineSurgery
Monday Dec 138AM - 11AMOnlineRestorative
Thursday Dec 168AM - 11AMOnlineEndo
Monday Jan 49AM - 2PMOnlineMock 1N/A
Tuesday Jan 58AM - 12PMOnlineMock 1 Discussion 1
Wednesday Jan 68AM - 12PMOnlineMock 1 Discussion 2
Monday Jan 119AM - 2PMOnlineMock 2N/A
Tuesday Jan 128AM - 12PMOnlineMock 2 Discussion 1
Wednesday Jan 138AM - 12PMOnlineMock 2 Discussion 2
*Mock Exam dates & times are subject to change depending on groups and COVID-19 restrictions.