AFK Feb 2020 Calgary Schedule

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!
All Times below are shown in Local time zone.

DateTimeRoom #LectureInstructor
Saturday Feb 229AM - 3PMSH 215Orientation / Pharmacology 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Feb 239AM - 3PMSH 215Pharmacology 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Monday Feb 249AM - 4PMBlue Room**Pharmacology 3Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Saturday Feb 299AM - 3PMSH 210Pharmacology 4Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Mar 19AM - 3PMSH 210Pharmacology 5Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Monday Mar 29AM - 4PMTBAPharmacology 6Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Saturday Mar 79AM - 3PMTBAPregnancy/Geriatrics/Infection ControlDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Mar 89AM - 3PMTBAProstho MaterialDr. Ahmed Judeh
Monday Mar 99AM - 2:30PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Mar 149AM - 3PMTBAProstho 1Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Sunday Mar 159AM - 3PMTBAProstho 2Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Monday Mar 169AM - 3PMTBAProstho 3Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Saturday Mar 219AM - 3PMTBAPathology 1Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Mar 229AM - 3PMTBAPathology 2Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Monday Mar 239AM - 2:30PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Mar 289AM - 3PMTBAPathology 3Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Mar 299AM - 3PMTBAPathology 4Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Monday Mar 309AM - 2:30PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Apr 49AM - 3PMTBAPathology 5Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Apr 59AM - 3PMTBAPedo 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Monday Apr 69AM - 3PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Apr 189AM - 3PMTBAPedo 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Apr 199AM - 3PMTBAPerio 1Dr. Omar Alrawi
Monday Apr 209AM - 2:30PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Apr 259AM - 3PMTBAPerio 2Dr. Omar Alrawi
Sunday Apr 269AM - 3PMTBAPerio 3Dr. Omar Alrawi
Monday Apr 279AM - 3PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday May 29AM - 3PMTBAAnatomy 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday May 39AM - 3PMTBAAnatomy 2 / Management of the Medically Compromised 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday May 812:30PM - 5PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday May 99AM - 5PMTBAManagement of the Medically Compromised 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday May 109AM - 5PMTBAManagement of the Medically Compromised 3Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday May 1512:30PM - 5PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday May 169AM - 5PMTBAEndo 1Dr. Khalid Araim
Sunday May 179AM - 5PMTBAEndo 2Dr. Khalid Araim
Friday May 2912:30PM - 5PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday May 309AM - 5PMTBAEndo 3Dr. Khalid Araim
Sunday May 319AM - 5PMTBAAnesthesiaDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Friday Jun 512:30PM - 5PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Jun 69AM - 4PMTBAOrtho 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Jun 79AM - 4PMTBAOrtho 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Friday Jun 1212:30PM - 5PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Jun 139AM - 5PMTBASurgery 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Jun 149AM - 5PMTBASurgery 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Monday Jun 159AM - 4PMTBABone Grafts/Implants/EpidemiologyDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Friday Jun 1912:30PM - 5PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Jun 209AM - 5PMTBADental MaterialsDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Jun 219AM - 4PMTBARadiologyDr. Omar Alrawi
Friday Jun 2612:30PM - 5PMTBAAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Jun 279AM - 4PMTBARestorative 1Dr. Umar Ahmad
Sunday Jun 289AM - 4PMTBARestorative 2Dr. Umar Ahmad
Monday Jun 299AM - 4PMTBARestorative 3Dr. Umar Ahmad
Friday Jul 310AM - 6PMTBAMock 1TBA
Saturday Jul 49AM - 4PMTBAMock 1 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 59AM - 4PMTBAMock 1 DiscussionTBA
Friday Jul 1010AM - 6PMTBAMock 2TBA
Saturday Jul 119AM - 4PMTBAMock 2 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 129AM - 4PMTBAMock 2 DiscussionTBA
Friday Jul 1710AM - 6PMTBAMock 3TBA
Saturday Jul 189AM - 4PMTBAMock 3 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 199AM - 4PMTBAMock 3 DiscussionTBA
Friday Jul 2410AM - 6PMTBAMock 4TBA
Saturday Jul 259AM - 4PMTBAMock 4 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 269AM - 4PMTBAMock 4 DiscussionTBA

** Different Building