AFK Feb 2020 Mississauga Schedule

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DateTimeRoom #LectureInstructor
Saturday Feb 2211AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallOrientation / Pharmacology 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Feb 2311AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallPharmacology 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Monday Feb 2411AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallPharmacology 3Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Saturday Feb 2911AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallPharmacology 4Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Mar 111AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallPharmacology 5Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Monday Mar 211AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallPharmacology 6Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Saturday Mar 711AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallPregnancy/Geriatrics/Infection ControlDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Mar 811AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallProstho MaterialDr. Ahmed Judeh
Monday Mar 911AM - 4:30PMMain Lecture HallAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Mar 1411AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallProstho 1Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Sunday Mar 1511AM - 5PMMain Lecture HallProstho 2Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Monday Mar 1611AM - 5PMOnlineProstho 3Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Saturday Mar 2111AM - 5PMOnlinePathology 1Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Mar 2211AM - 5PMOnlinePathology 2Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Monday Mar 2311AM - 4:30PMOnlineExtra ProsthoDr. Ahmad Judeh
Saturday Mar 2811AM - 5PMOnlinePathology 3Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Mar 2911AM - 5PMOnlinePathology 4Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Monday Mar 3011AM - 4:30PMOnlineAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Apr 411AM - 5PMOnlinePathology 5Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Apr 511AM - 5PMOnlinePedo 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Monday Apr 611AM - 4:30PMOnlineAFK PracticeTBA
Saturday Apr 1811AM - 5PMOnlineAnatomyDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Apr 1911AM - 5PMOnlinePerio 1Dr. Omar Alrawi
Monday Apr 2011AM - 4:30PMOnlineQ&A Session (No Quiz)TBA
Saturday Apr 2511AM - 5PMOnlinePerio 2Dr. Omar Alrawi
Sunday Apr 2611AM - 5PMOnlinePerio 3Dr. Omar Alrawi
Monday Apr 2711AM - 5PMOnlineQuiz on Pregnancy, Geriatrics, Ethics, Infection Control, Pedodontics
Friday May 111AM - 6PMOnlinePractice Session (Q&A)
Saturday May 211AM - 5PMOnlineAnatomy & Oral SurgeryDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday May 311AM - 5PMOnlineOral SurgeryDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday May 812AM - 7PMOnlinePractice Session (Perio Quiz)
Saturday May 911AM - 7PMOnlineOral Surgery 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday May 1011AM - 7PMOnlineManagement of the Medically CompromisedDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Monday May 1111AM - 6PMOnlinePractice Session (Quiz)
Friday May 1511AM - 6PMOnlinePractice Session (Q&A)
Saturday May 1611AM - 7PMOnlineMedical Management 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday May 1711AM - 7PMOnlineMedical Management 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Monday May 2511AM - 6PMOnlineAnatomy & Oral Surgery (Quiz)
Saturday May 3011AM - 7PMOnlineMedical ManagementDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday May 3111AM - 7PMOnlineEpidemiology & ImmunologyDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Monday Jun 111AM - 7PMOnlineRestorative Dental MaterialDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday Jun 511AM - 7PMOnline1st Review Session (Periodontics)Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Saturday Jun 611AM - 6PMOnlineEndodontics 1Dr. Khalid Araim
Sunday Jun 711AM - 6PMOnlineEndodontics 2Dr. Khalid Araim
Monday Jun 811AM - 7PMOnlineMedical Management and Restorative Dental Material & LA (Q&A)Dr. Marwan & Dr. Ibrahim
Friday Jun 1211AM - 7PMOnline2nd Review Session (Medical management and Basic Sciences)Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Saturday Jun 1311AM - 7PMOnlineEndodontics 3Dr. Khalid Araim
Sunday Jun 1411AM - 7PMOnlineImplant and Bone GraftDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Monday Jun 1511AM - 7PMOnlineMedical Management, Restorative Dental Materials & LA (Quiz)Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday Jun 1911AM - 6PMOnlineReview Session
Saturday Jun 2011AM - 7PMOnlineDental MaterialsDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Jun 2111AM - 6PMOnlineRadiologyDr. Omar Alrawi
Monday Jun 2211AM - 6PMOnlinePractice Session (Quiz)
Friday Jun 2611AM - 6PMOnlineReview Session
Saturday Jun 2711AM - 6PMOnlineRestorative 1Dr. Umar Ahmad
Sunday Jun 2811AM - 6PMOnlineRestorative 2Dr. Umar Ahmad
Monday Jun 2911AM - 6PMOnlineRestorative 3Dr. Umar Ahmad
Friday Jul 310AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 1TBA
Saturday Jul 411AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 1 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 511AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 1 DiscussionTBA
Friday Jul 1010AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 2TBA
Saturday Jul 1111AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 2 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 1211AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 2 DiscussionTBA
Friday Jul 1710AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 3TBA
Saturday Jul 1811AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 3 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 1911AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 3 DiscussionTBA
Friday Jul 2410AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 4TBA
Saturday Jul 2511AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 4 DiscussionTBA
Sunday Jul 2611AM - 6PMMain Lecture HallMock 4 DiscussionTBA