AFK March 2019 Vancouver Schedule

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!

1Saturday Feb 237AM – 3PM PST2245 McCarthy TetraultOrientation/Pharmacology 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
2Sunday Feb 248AM – 3PM PST2245 McCarthy TetraultPharmacology 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
3Saturday Mar 28AM – 3PM PST2245 McCarthy TetraultPharmacology 3Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
4Sunday Mar 38AM – 3PM PST1530 Canadian Pacific Lecture RoomPharmacology 4Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
5Saturday Mar 98AM – 3PM PST2245 McCarthy TetraultPharmacology 5Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
6Sunday Mar 108AM – 3PM PDT2245 McCarthy TetraultPharmacology 6Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
7Saturday Mar 168AM – 3PM PDT2510 Hy Aisenstat Arts StudioDental AnatomyDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
8Sunday Mar 178AM – 3PM PDT2245 McCarthy TetraultProstho MaterialDr. Ahmad Judeh
9Saturday Mar 238AM – 3PM PDT2510 HyAisenstatArts StudioManagement of The Medically CompromisedDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
10Sunday Mar 248AM – 3PM PDT2245 McCarthy TetraultPregnancy/Geriatrics/Infection control/EthicsDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
11Saturday Mar 308AM – 3PM PDT2510 Hy Aisenstat Arts StudioProstho 1Dr. Ahmed Judeh
12Sunday Mar 318AM – 3PM PDT2245 McCarthy TetraultProstho 2Dr. Ahmed Judeh
13Saturday Apr 68AM – 3PM PDTTBAProstho 3Dr. Ahmed Judeh
14Sunday Apr 78AM – 3PM PDTTBARadiologyDr. Omar Al Rawi
15Saturday Apr 138AM – 3PM PDTTBAEndo 1TBA
16Sunday Apr 148AM – 3PM PDTTBAEndo 2TBA
Saturday Apr 20N/A———————No Class
Sunday Apr 21N/A———————No Class
17Saturday Apr 278AM – 3PM PDTTBAPathology 1Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
18Sunday Apr 288AM – 3PM PDTTBAPathology 2Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
19Saturday May 48AM – 3PM PDTTBAPathology 3Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
20Sunday May 58AM – 3PM PDTTBAPathology 4Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
21Saturday May 118AM – 3PM PDTTBADental MaterialsDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
22Sunday May 128AM – 3PM PDTTBAPerio 1Dr. Omar Al Rawi
23Saturday May 188AM – 3PM PDTTBAPerio 2Dr. Omar Al Rawi
24Sunday May 198AM – 3PM PDTTBAPerio 3Dr. Omar Al Rawi
25Saturday May 258AM – 3PM PDTTBAOrtho 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
26Sunday May 268AM – 3PM PDTTBAOrtho 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
27Saturday Jun 18AM – 3PM PDTTBASurgery 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
28Sunday Jun 28AM – 3PM PDTTBASurgery 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
29Saturday Jun 88AM – 3PM PDTTBAPedo 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
30Sunday Jun 98AM – 3PM PDTTBAPedo 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
31Saturday Jun 158AM – 3PM PDTTBABone grafts/ Implants/ EpidemiologyDr. Marwan Al Rayes
32Sunday Jun 168AM – 3PM PDTTBAAnesthesiaDr. Marwan Al Rayes
33Saturday Jun 228AM – 3PM PDTTBARestorative 1TBA
34Sunday Jun 238AM – 3PM PDTTBARestorative 2TBA
35Saturday Jul 68AM – 3PM PDTTBAReview 1TBA
36Sunday Jul 78AM – 3PM PDTTBAReview 2TBA
37Friday Jul 129AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock Exam 1 – Calgary
38Saturday Jul 138AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock 1 Exam Discussion 1TBA
39Sunday Jul 148AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock 1 Exam Discussion 2TBA
40Friday Jul 199AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock Exam 2 – Calgary
41Saturday Jul 208AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock 2 Exam Discussion 1TBA
42Sunday Jul 218AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock 2 Exam Discussion 2TBA
43Friday Jul 269AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock Exam 3 – Calgary
44Saturday Jul 278AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock Exam 3 Discussion 1TBA
45Sunday Jul 288AM – 3PM PDTTBAMock Exam 3 Discussion 2TBA