AFK (Regular) August 2020 - Vancouver

Please note that the information provided is subject to change. Thank you!
All Times below are shown in Local time zone.
Groups will open based on demand.
DateTimeRoom #LectureInstructor
Saturday Aug 298AM - 3PMOnlineOrientation/Pharma 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Aug 308AM - 3PMOnlineMedical management 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday Sep 48AM - 3PMOnlineMedical management 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Sunday Sep 58AM - 3PMOnlinePharma 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Saturday Sep 68AM - 3PMOnlinePedo 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday Sep 118AM - 3PMOnlinePedo 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Saturday Sep 128AM - 3PMOnlinePharma 3Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Sep 138AM - 3PMOnlineAnatomyDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday Sep 188AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Sep 198AM - 3PMOnlinePharma 4Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Sep 208AM - 3PMOnlineOral Surgery 1Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday Sep 258AM - 3PMOnlineOral Surgery 2Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Saturday Sep 268AM - 3PMOnlinePharma 5Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Sep 278AM - 3PMOnlineResto MaterialDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Friday Oct 28AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Oct 38AM - 3PMOnlinePharma 6Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Oct 48AM - 3PMOnlinePathology 1Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Friday Oct 98AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Oct 108AM - 3PMOnlinePathology 2Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Oct 118AM - 3PMOnlinePathology 3Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Friday Oct 168AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Oct 178AM - 3PMOnlinePathology 4Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Sunday Oct 188AM - 3PMOnlinePathology 5Dr. Amr El Maghrabi
Friday Oct 238AM - 3PMOnlineEpidemiology & ImmunologyDr. Ibrahim Saadeldin
Saturday Oct 248AM - 3PMOnlineAnesthesiaDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Oct 258AM - 3PMOnlineRadiologyDr. Omar Alrawi
Friday Oct 308AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Oct 318AM - 3PMOnlineProstho 1Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Sunday Nov 18AM - 3PMOnlineProstho 2Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Friday Nov 68AM - 3PMOnlineProstho 3Dr. Ahmad Judeh
Saturday Nov 78AM - 3PMOnlineProstho MaterialDr. Ahmad Judeh
Sunday Nov 88AM - 3PMOnlinePerio 1Dr. Omar Alrawi
Friday Nov 138AM - 3PMOnlineBone graft & implantDr. Marwan Al Rayes
Saturday Nov 148AM - 3PMOnlinePerio 2Dr. Omar Alrawi
Sunday Nov 158AM - 3PMOnlinePerio 3Dr. Omar Alrawi
Friday Nov 208AM - 3PMOnlineRestorative 1Dr. Umar Ahmed
Saturday Nov 218AM - 3PMOnlineRestorative 2Dr. Umar Ahmed
Sunday Nov 228AM - 3PMOnlineRestorative 3Dr. Umar Ahmed
Friday Nov 278AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Nov 288AM - 3PMOnlineOrtho 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Nov 298AM - 3PMOnlineOrtho 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Friday Dec 48AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Dec 58AM - 3PMOnlineEndo 1Dr. Khalid Araim
Sunday Dec 68AM - 3PMOnlineEndo 2Dr. Khalid Araim
Friday Dec 118AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Dec 128AM - 3PMOnlineEndo 3Dr. Khalid Araim
Sunday Dec 138AM - 3PMOnlineReview Session 1Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Friday Dec 188AM - 1PMOnlinePractice SessionTBA
Saturday Dec 198AM - 3PMOnlineReview Session 2Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Sunday Dec 208AM - 3PMOnlineReview Session 3Dr. Marwan Al Rayes
Friday Jan 18AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 1*TBA
Saturday Jan 28AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 1 Discussion*TBA
Sunday Jan 38AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 1 Discussion*TBA
Friday Jan 88AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 2*TBA
Saturday Jan 98AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 2 Discussion*TBA
Sunday Jan 108AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 2 Discussion*TBA
Friday Jan 158AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 3*TBA
Saturday Jan 168AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 3 Discussion*TBA
Sunday Jan 178AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 3 Discussion*TBA
Friday Jan 228AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 4*TBA
Saturday Jan 238AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 4 Discussion*TBA
Sunday Jan 248AM - 3PMOnsiteMock 4 Discussion*TBA
*Mock Exam dates & times are subject to change depending on groups and COVID-19 restrictions.