Our appeals service is provided to candidates that choose to go in for a typodont viewing session. Based on your case specific requirements, you can reserve an appeal report writing service or schedule a time with an instructor for representation.


Please note that the decision to accept an appeals case is entirely upon our Instructor Appeal Committee. The committee only accepts cases after considering individual applications. These services are available to all ACS NDEB candidates.


Writing the Appeal Report & Documentation:

Upon reviewing and discussing the results with the candidate, the appeal committee will prepare a detailed appeal report for the candidate. The report will contain the individual cases and will be submitted to the applicant.
The duration for report writing is 15 business days after the initial discussion.



Whether you are unavailable to attend your viewing session or need an instructor to join you in Ottawa for the typodont viewing, you can book a representation and schedule an appointment with the instructor to attend the typodont viewing session with you. Please note that the instructors will only be available to visit Ottawa on certain dates.


On the day of the viewing session, the instructor will be present in Ottawa and will attend the session with you and take notes. Following this, a report will be generated for you to be submitted to the NDEB for a re-evaluation of your results.



Please start by filling this out form and someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.