05 Apr 2021 | Ashani Jodha

Careers in Dentistry Series: Finding the Right Fit

Careers in Dentistry Series Dr. Serban Sirca finishing dental school and finding the right fit in dentistry

Just like a dentist takes care of your whole mouth and not just an aspect of it, a career in dentistry encompasses a wealth of opportunities, rewards, and challenges across the globe. Offering various pathways for transforming smiles, community impact, education and skills development, dentistry is a profession of countless possibilities.

That’s why we at Prep Doctors created the new Careers in Dentistry Series for you to peek behind the curtain of various avenues of dentistry you can take from a career and business perspective. Hosted by our Compliance and Education Specialist, Dr. Lesia Waschuk, we sit down with highly regarded dentists to discuss their career journeys, the challenges and benefits of the field, and how you can get started in your dentistry profession.

In our first installment of the series, Dr. Waschuk talks to Serban Sirca, a fourth-year dental student from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto. He speaks in-depth about preparing for dental education, the choice of completing a general practice residency (GPR), and his decision to practise outside an urban centre. Watch the full interview below or on our YouTube page here.



As Dr. Sirca notes, dentists searching for the ideal fit in an office environment may consider “job shadowing” or working in a group practice. In his search for the right position, he recalls shadowing at a clinic where he was able to oversee a range of procedures, learning techniques and understand the day-to-day hustle and bustle of a dental office. By working in a group practice, Dr. Sirca consulted with other practitioners and learned his preferred area of focus. Most importantly, he realized he could find joy in the dentistry profession every day. 

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