23 Apr 2021 | Ashani Jodha

Careers in Dentistry Series: When to Volunteer

Careers in Dentistry Series Dr. Pennie Thornton on volunteering as a dentist in Canada

Let’s face it—with the numerous demands dentists face in their profession, it isn’t always easy to find the time to volunteer in dental community outreach. But as our latest guest on our Careers in Dentistry Series suggests, volunteerism will present opportunities at any stage in your life. It’s all about the donation of time, talent, and treasure.

In our third installment, Dr. Waschuk chats with Dr. Pennie Thornton, a practising general dentist in London, Ont. and a lifelong volunteer. Dr. Thornton has been involved as a clinical instructor with the Dental Outreach Community Service program at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry since its inception and is now a board member of the London Community Dental Alliance, which has established a not-for-profit clinic in the city. She has won awards for her volunteerism, most recently the 2019 Community Service Award from the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Watch the full interview below or on our YouTube page here.



What’s Dr. Thorton’s advice for young dentists looking to volunteer? In the beginning, cut yourself a break. Don’t expect to do everything at once. Volunteerism will always be there. You need a healthy family, and then you need a healthy practice. All sorts of possibilities will follow.


About the Series

Our Prep Doctors Careers in Dentistry series is an opportunity for you to peek behind the curtain of various avenues of dentistry you can take from a career and business perspective. Hosted by Dr. Waschuk, we sit down with highly regarded dentists to discuss their career paths, the challenges and benefits of the field, and how you can get started on your dentistry journey.

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