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Mastering the Basics of Surgery


Duration: 2 Days

Twice a year

Tuition: $2,250 CAD


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Foundational Course


One-on-one Supervision


Hands-on Training

This program is Category 2
(CE Points: 14)

When it comes to achieving success in clinical dentistry, everyone knows the importance of offering all treatment options in your clinic setting and retaining all the “valuable” work. Now is the time to focus on enhancing your skills and start engaging some of the cases you referred out earlier. 

This course is redesigned with a hybrid theory-practical continuum component as we focus on giving participants the maximum amount of hands-on training we could fit into a two-day course. The result is a program that gives participants the opportunity to raise flaps, remove fractured multi-rooted teeth, remove submerged roots, learn to preserve and enhance proposed implant sites with GBR, and select appropriate suturing materials and techniques.

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9/1/2021 to 8/31/2024.
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What Is Mastering the Basics of Surgery?

Designed with the general dentists in mind, this course will take you through all the techniques you need to do complicated extractions and perform other types of minor oral surgery. From raising flaps and removing bone to sectioning and removing teeth, this course will give you an immediate jump in skill level when managing difficult extractions and soft tissue.

With the benefit of expert instruction—Two full days of practice on pig mandibles, peer discussion, concise lectures, and demos and post-course support—you will leave this course with the practical tools to do atraumatic extractions for most of the difficult scenarios.

All demonstrations will be done on a surgical operating microscope and relayed live on the lecture theatre screens.

Dentist training in Basic Surgery course at Prep Doctors

Learning Outcomes & Benefits


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to confidently perform various surgical procedures and acquire the necessary skills to manage surgical extractions and minor oral surgery. The course objectives include:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in planning cases for successful surgical outcomes, considering factors such as patient presentation, anatomy, and desired treatment goals.
  • Design and create appropriate flaps to gain adequate access during surgical procedures, ensuring optimal visualization and manipulation of tissues through stepwise approach for flap reflection and closure.
  • Understand the principles of extraction, indications for open Vs. closed extraction, and the step-by-step approach for the extraction procedure.
  • Select and utilize the proper armamentarium, including instruments and materials, for various surgical procedures, ensuring safe and effective treatment.
  • Utilize surgical handpieces to remove bone when necessary, ensuring proper bone shaping and contouring,maintaining precision and minimizing trauma to adjacent structures.
  • Perform atraumatic extractions and prepare sites for future implant placement, utilizing techniques that minimize trauma to surrounding tissues and promote efficient healing.
  • Implementing strategies to minimize the occurrence of extraction complications.
  • Understand the physiological process of healing after tooth extraction, including socket healing, ridge preservation, and the timing for implant placement in relation to extraction.
  • Gain knowledge about different types of bone graft materials used in dentistry, to select appropriate grafting options based on clinical needs and patient factors.
  • Develop proficiency in performing guided bone regeneration procedures, including the principles of barrier membranes, graft materials, and suturing techniques to enhance bone volume and facilitate implant placement in deficient sites.
  • Gain knowledge of the surgical dental implant components to facilitate comprehensive treatment planning.
  • Analyze and compare the concepts and techniques of one-stage and two-stage implant surgeries, including their indications, advantages, and potential complications.
  • Learn to conduct a comprehensive clinical and radiographic pre-implant assessment, considering anatomical factors, bone quality and quantity, adjacent structures, and the overall suitability of the patient for implant placement.
  • Familiarize yourself with various types of suture materials used in dentistry, such as non-resorbable and resorbable sutures, and understand their indications for use based on wound characteristics and healing requirements.
  • Acquire skills in different suturing techniques to achieve precise wound closure, minimize postoperative complications, and promote optimal healing.
  • Communicate effectively with specialists and other members of the interdisciplinary team, facilitating coordinated care and optimal patient outcomes.

All demonstrations will be conducted using a surgical operating microscope, ensuring enhanced visualization and precise technique.

All equipment and materials included. Just bring your loupes!

Our Instructors

What Our Graduates Say

I have been impressed from the outset with Prep Doctors' professional approach and high quality dental training for internationally trained dentists. The center has a thorough understanding of current dental imperatives according to the Canadian standards and offers a wide array of courses with an eye on quality and integrity. The instructors are highly qualified, the staff are efficient and friendly, the center facilities - including the practical lab - are superior and the course materials are continuously improved and updated. I highly recommend Prep Doctors
Dr Mays Al Saffar

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