Basic Surgery for the General Dentist


Duration: 2 days

Tuition: $2,000 CAD


Why take this course?


Foundational course


Hands-on training


Immediately usable techniques

This program is AGD-approved Category 2 (CE Points: 14)

When it comes to clinical dentistry, everyone knows that cutting a tooth is the “easy” part — it is handling the soft tissue that causes the most challenges for dentists. With the demand for procedures that require a confident ability to work with soft tissue, now is the time to focus on improving your execution of this core aspect.

Instead of obsessing over theory, we focused on giving participants the maximum amount of hands-on training we could fit into a two-day course. The result is a course that gives you the basics of soft-tissue management for multiple related applications, including implants, flaps and minor surgery.


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What Is Basic Surgery for the General Dentist?

Designed with the general dentists in mind, this course will take you through the most frequent occurrences of soft-tissue cases and how to manage them. From how to section teeth and remove teeth to raising flaps and the basics of minor surgery — this course will give you an immediate jump in skill level when it comes to managing soft tissue.

You will have your horizons widened and be ready to take the next steps into more advanced techniques like dealing with impacted wisdom teeth, implant placement and entering the sinus in emergency cases.

With the benefit of expert instruction, peer discussion and extensive hands-on training, you will leave this course with the practical tools which will allow you to increase your case acceptance in the future.

Dentist training in Basic Surgery course at Prep Doctors

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

Dr. Marwan Al Rayes teaching dentist in basic surgery course


  • How to section teeth
  • Flap design
  • Surgical extractions
  • Crown lengthening
  • Guided tissue regeneration/bone grafting
  • Introduction to implants
  • How to remove teeth
  • How to remove remaining roots
  • Principles of minor surgery
  • Introduction to crown lengthening
  • How to raise flaps
  • How to remove bone
  • How to access teeth for extraction
  • Choosing and using different kinds of sutures
  • How to communicate with specialists and other members of the interdisciplinary team
  • Case planning

All equipment and materials included. Just bring your loupes!

Our Instructors

What Our Graduates Say

I have been impressed from the outset with Prep Doctors' professional approach and high quality dental training for internationally trained dentists. The center has a thorough understanding of current dental imperatives according to the Canadian standards and offers a wide array of courses with an eye on quality and integrity. The instructors are highly qualified, the staff are efficient and friendly, the center facilities - including the practical lab - are superior and the course materials are continuously improved and updated. I highly recommend Prep Doctors
Dr Mays Al Saffar