Assessment of Clinical Judgement ACJ


Duration: 3 Months

Tuition: $2500-$3000 CAD

*New course features to match the latest NDEB updates*


Why take this course?


ACJ Practice Lab & Discussion


4 Computerized Mock Exams


Problem-based Learning


Double your chance of passing at the first attempt


of all passing candidates took our course in the past two exams

The NDEB ACJ exam is arguably the toughest exam of the equivalency process. Passing this exam is about having the tools to approach it with certainty, not about how much knowledge or clinical experience you have.

With over 145 in-class hours, our problem-based learning system is specially tailored to equip you with strategies you can use on exam day. Our Mock Exams and Practice Lab are designed to help you get comfortable with answering exam day questions on the prometric™ testing system and we make sure you have enough practice with cases and radiology to prepare you to answer any type of question. 

We update our coursework and study materials every exam cycle to factor in the changing nature of the clinical judgment exam. This is paired with a focus on statistical analysis – giving you feedback on your performance during the course and a final recommendation so you do not waste your exam attempts. 

Now with four full computer-based ACJ mock exams and eight review sessions, weekly practice sessions, and self-examination stations, this program prepares you as much as you need to feel comfortable and confident on test day. Most importantly, Dr. Marwan Al Rayes and his experienced team make sure that the training is targeted towards extending your understanding of the core areas of the NDEB’s ACJ blueprint.

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What is Assessment of Clinical Judgement?


Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge


Assessment of Clinical Judgement


Assessment of Clinical Skills


Board Exam Preparation

All dentists who want to practice in Canada must adhere to Canadian standards and criteria, which are often different from other countries. To prove they can uphold these standards, all internationally-trained dentists must have their work assessed in a four-part dental equivalency process. This process is overseen by the National Dental Examining Board (NDEB).


The NDEB Assessment of Clinical Judgement (ACJ) Exam is the second or third official step in your journey to becoming a dentist in Canada. The ACJ exam is a written assessment exam consisting of three books that tests how dentists react when faced with real-life cases. The exam covers the core components of dental care — diagnosis, treatment planning, radiographic interpretation and clinical decision making.

What does the course include?

  • A cover-all-bases approach: we’ll prepare you for every conceivable concept and question type
  • 14 problem-based and interactive lectures, 4 mock exams with 8 mock exam discussion sessions
  • Self-examination stations with 150+ question cases & 100+ x-rays to practice at your own pace
  • Weekly quizzes for individual cases including radiographs
  • Learning tools like Live-polling in the classroom to help you remember answers and understand difficult concepts
  • Individual performance analysis giving you feedback throughout the course
  • Final exam recommendation based on performance, meaning you are better prepared to make the decision about whether to use an exam attempt

Our Instructor for this course

Instructor: Dr. Marwan Al Rayes

Dr. Marwan Al Rayes

Instructor: Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin

Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin

Instructor: Dr. Khalid Araim

Dr. Khalid Araim

What our graduates say

The best place to go through your dentistry equivalency process in Canada. I’ve been with them since the first and I’m in my final steps. I wouldn’t have done it without them.
Dr. Obada Bahru

Great faculty and management staff. Absolutely brilliant and focused tutors, ready to work hard with you, who keep you motivated and down to earth at the same time making sure you are all set for the exam, helped me clear my ACJ and ACS together in the first shot. It didn’t seem much possible without Prep Doctors and their team.
Dr. Suman Yadav