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The Theory Roadmap


Duration: Up To 18 Months

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The Theory Roadmap

The theory roadmap gives NDEB candidates full course experiences for AFK and ACJ with the comfort of an affordable 0% interest monthly payment plan. You are given up to 12 months to pay and receive continuous access to the full ACJ course experience for the entire 18 months or until you pass.


In Ontario, monthly payments are $866 tax included, and in Alberta and British Columbia it is $805 tax included over a 12-month period.


This product is not yet available in Quebec.


Here is a breakdown of the theory roadmap:


AFK-ACJ Roadmap

What Does This Package Include?

Our AFK course includes the following features:

  • 40+ AFK Lectures
  • 240+ total in-class hours
  • 4 full Mock Exams
  • 32+ hours of Mock Exam Discussions
  • 10 Quiz & Discussion sessions
  • 300+ Quiz questions covered
  • A large database of practice exam questions and answers
  • Access to our private AFK forum and accompanying Q&A session
  • Access to On-demand Lecture Replays
  • Passing guarantee*

*Conditions Apply

Our ACJ course includes the following features:

  • This course is held online
  • 200+ Live training hours
  • 14 Clinical Lectures
  • 8 Radiology Lectures
  • 2 Radiology Review Sessions
  • 8 Quizzes & Discussions
  • 4 Weekly Mocks & Discussions
  • 2 Full Online Mock Exams & Discussions
  • 2 Full Onsite Mock Exams & Discussions
  • 8 Q&A Sessions
  • Access to PrepTest Online Question Bank Platform
  • On-demand Online Lecture Replays
  • Access to Online Study Groups
  • Course Materials included

Our AFK Review course includes the following features:

  • 12 online Live AFK Lectures
  • 36+ total online class hours
  • Full AFK course study material*
  • 2 full Online Mock Exams
  • 2 full Onsite Mock Exams
  • 32+ hours of Mock Exam Discussions
  • Access to PrepTest Online Question Bank Platform

Our Full INBDE course includes the following features:

  • Specialist instructor lead class
  • 150+ Hours of training
  • 15+ scheduled practice test
  • 3 Full mock exams
  • 12 Months access to Test Builder App
  • Passing guarantee*
  • Course value: $2250 USD

*Conditions Apply

Our INBDE Test Builder features include:

  • 3000+ question bank
  • One year full access
  • Build custom quizzes
  • 25+ actual cases with commentary
  • 1 Full mock exam
  • Passing guarantee*
  • Service value: $425 USD

*Conditions Apply
For more information about our INBDE products please refer to:

Our ADAT Bridge course includes the following features:

  • Comprehensive review of Biomedical Sciences, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics for the ADAT Exam
  • More than 50 hours of live, online interactive teaching
  • 2 full mock exams that simulate the actual ADAT Exam
  • 2 extensive mock exam discussion sessions
  • Extensive notes based on recommended study sources
  • Quiz after each subject
  • Handout for each topic
  • Each lecture is approximately 5-6 hours, twice a week
  • Access to an instructor to address any doubts or questions after lectures

Our Instructor

What Our Graduates Say

Dr. Hima Lohi describes how Prep Doctors helped her achieve a perfect score on the AFK exam.
Dr. Hima Lohi

Developing a passion for dentistry as a young girl, Dr. Samin Gohari came to Canada to fulfill her dreams of one day becoming a practitioner in Canada. As a Prep Doctors top ACJ scorer, Dr. Samin is letting you in on why she has chosen Prep Doctors since the beginning of her equivalency journey and how she felt finding out her ACJ results.
Dr. Samin Gohari

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