Universities Admissions Course | Western, Manitoba


Duration: 2 Months

Tuition: $3,000 CAD


Why take this course?

You will be taught by instructors who have either attended the universities or went through the interview and bench exam processes. Our course can be comprehensive or tailored according to your preference. Whether you are training for the three universities or just one, you will get the detailed guidance and practice to help you succeed.


This course is not a general skills course. It will certainly help you in the ACS exam if you intend to take it, but the focus of the Universities Course is to turn you into a specialist for the university that invited you.


The second important aspect of this course is the dedicated interview training session with Dr. Marwan Al Rayes. This session was created as a stand-alone program to focus solely on preparing you for the academic, professional and mental challenges of the interview process. Like the hands-on sessions, the program is tailored to each university and the unique aspects of their respective acceptance process.

What Does the Course Include?

Dental tools

  • This course gives you an extended period of hands-on training
  • Live demo for each of the required projects with work checks from an instructor
  • Extensive practice time to perfect the projects needed to get accepted
  • 2 months lab access and individualized instructor time
  • Ability to tailor your course for the university of your choosing

Our Instructors