Dr. Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye - Prep Doctors Education

Dr. Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye

Dr. Thulfiqar Al-Rubaye
If there’s one thing Dr. Thulfiqar is, it’s a groundbreaker. Not only has he worked in different specialized clinics at the start of his career practicing endodontics, pediatric dentistry, digital orthodontics and prosthodontic treatment planning, but most notably, he has passed the AFK with a momentous score of 93.
After excelling in the AFK and ACJ exams, Dr. Thulfiqar is ready to move more mountains as an instructor at Prep Doctors. Hoping to instill his remarkable esteem and confidence in students, Dr. Thulfiqar is looking forward to teaching trainees how to trust their instincts and their knowledge to develop an astute clinical judgment they can apply to ACJ-related questions they are up against.
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