03 Apr 2020 | Firas Abu Saleh

How to overcome the work-from-home blues

Computers are one of the main tools used when working from home

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing uncertain times, many of our trainees and staff are having to adapt to working or studying at home. One of the main issues with working from home is the loss of a clear boundary between work and personal life which can result in the “work-from-home blues”. The commute to and from work along with being in a different environment provides a clear indication of when our workdays start and finish.

With these changes to our everyday routines, it is not uncommon to feel lost and lose focus or energy. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone and many feel this way.

Here are some tips you can use to help make the best out of working from home:

Maintain Your Routine

It is very important to maintain some level of routine when switching to working or studying from home as it can be easy to slowly drift into vacation mode and become disorganized.

You need to ensure that you continue to go to bed and wake up at the same time your body is used to when going into work. It also doesn’t hurt to dress up if it helps you feel fresh and ready to go.

Set a specific workspace

It is equally important to set up a quiet or private workspace to allow you to focus on the tasks at hand. In order to do that, it is ideal to have adequate lighting and a workspace that is both comfortable and functional.

It may be wise to set up away from where the rest of the family spends most of their time in order to avoid noise and other unnecessary distractions.


It’s good to take breaks to stretch especially if you’ve been stationed in one spot while you work. Exercise helps to trigger endorphins, which will greatly improve the prioritizing functions of the brain.

Now that Spring has officially started, getting some fresh air will definitely help save your sanity. I recommend walking around the block once daily. If you can’t get a chance to get outside, there are resources online that can help you work up a sweat and recalibrate your focus.

Social Distancing while being Social

Social distancing should not be taken literally. While it’s important to be physically away from people and large gatherings, there are other ways to be social. Pick up the phone or video call family and friends to replace being there in person for the time being.

Count your blessings

Most importantly, stay positive! Try to enjoy the extra time at home by doing something useful. Learn a new skill or take some well-deserved downtime. If you live with family, this is a good chance to strengthen your bonds and get to know each other better!

That’s it! Goodbye blues!


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