Important NDECC Training Update

Please note that our NDECC training offerings have been modified to better suit recent changes announced by the NDEB. Starting in August, there will be three main NDECC training services that will run several times a year:


(A) 12 Weeks Clinical Skills Training – $5500: to increase the number of Clinical Skills training cycles, we will be running the 12 Weeks service four times per year (February, May, August, and November). This will increase the flexibility and availability of the course to better accommodate the new open-concept NDEB exam offering structure. We are aware that the majority of candidates require more training time to master the projects, so adding an additional training cycle (12 weeks + 12 weeks) at the time of registration will qualify under the standard NDECC bundling discount (see details below)


(B) 12 Weeks Situational Judgement Training – $3500: a 12 module, once per week, comprehensive training service to interactively prepare and train candidates for the second part of the NDECC exam. The course consists of case-based learning sessions (including lectures), interactive training, supervised cases simulating mock stations, access to clinical diagnosis sessions, comprehensive competency coverage, and 100+ cases. The course will also run four times per year (February, May, August, and November) and the schedule takes into consideration session times for our Clinical Skills trainees. The option to add a second cycle of Situational Judgement training is also available and will qualify for the NDECC bundling discount (see details below)


(C) Simulation Exams Package – $3000: This package consists of 2 full simulated mock exams. Each exam covers both components; Clinical Skills & Situational Judgment. They will be taking place in a brand new exam center that is constructed for that purpose. Each simulation exam consists of 2 days of examination (one day clinical and one day situational), in addition to two days of exam review and discussion. Candidates will have flexibility in booking their mocks in our exam center according to their actual NDEB exam date, and will have up to a whole year to do so. This package will also qualify for the NDECC bundling discount.


Bundling Discount: At the time of registration, candidates will have the option to bundle any of the three main NDECC services and will qualify for a stackable discount. For example, candidates bundling two main NDECC services will receive a $1000 discount. Adding a third service to the bundle will increase the discount amount to $2000 and so on. Please be advised that bundling needs to be completed at the time of registration.


To increase training flexibility, we are also working on additional complementary training offerings, such as half mocks (1 Day Judgement Simulation plus discussion) or month-to-month additions to Clinical Skills training. These options are subject to availability and capacity limitations, and will not qualify for the NDECC bundling discounts.


To request an NDECC bundle, please fill this form. Requests will be processed in chronological order.