Dec 12, 2022

We Just Launched our New INBDE Exam Preparation!


We have exciting news! After years of development and months of tirelessly working around the clock, we are thrilled to announce the launch of ⁠— the #1 INBDE exam preparation platform. 

Created as a companion to study for the American dental board exams, our newest initiative is the only INBDE prep you need. Following 12 years in the exam preparation industry, Prep Doctors knows that good study tools can make the difference between getting the structure and guidance you need or feeling ill-prepared and having to take the test over again. That’s why our team has tested and researched everything from customizable online resources, unique case examples, and online specialist instructors to walk you through the process. 

OK, you might think that’s all great, but how will it help me? Let’s take a scroll through.

Our INBDE exam platform comes fully equipped with: 

  • An interactive online course — Tap into the minds of top-rated and leading instructors as they take you in-depth to explain each topic covered on the exam;
  • Test builder — Choose from over 3,000 practice questions sorted by subject matter, difficulty and time constraints to create personalized tests to study and focus on precisely what you need;
  • Cases — Analyze and interact with different patient scenarios, exclusive cases, and commentary just like the real exam;
  • Mock exams — Give yourself an edge in your preparation with our meticulously curated mock exams to stimulate whatever exam day may bring. 

How does that help you?

Our INBDE exam preparation is just the first step. With these powerful study features, our platform will become even more tailored to you with every use. Here’s how the platform can give you a full picture of your progress:

  • You can access detailed insights on every test you take. With a personalized performance report, you can identify what you need to improve and where your focus should be.
  • You can improve the time you take to answer a question by choosing to time your tests or take them at your own pace. 
  • You can inform and empower yourself by getting instant explanations for every question. 
  • Need clarification on something? You can instantly enhance your learning experience with more than 150 hours of training online with our Full INBDE Course.
  • You can get up to a full year of practice to help you become an INBDE expert wherever you are.

How can you get in?

The Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INBDE) is the critical licensure exam needed to receive dental certification in the United States. It also is a requirement for applying to most Advanced standing programs for internationally trained dentists wanting to start their career in dentistry in the US.  

Given the high stakes and stress of studying, Prep Doctors has kept things simple with two packages.


Full INBDE Course

Attend our expert-led instruction lectures from the comfort of just about anywhere. You’ll get more than 150 hours of training, 15+ hours of scheduled practice tests, three full mock exams, and 12-month access to our Test Builder.


Test Builder

Try a 7-day free trial or jump into a one-year subscription of quizzes you can create for your study needs. Choose between essential topics and subcategories with difficulty ratings and unlimited attempts. Join now to receive 25+ actual cases with commentary and one full mock exam to stimulate exam day and clear the INBDE, guaranteed. 

To get started, visit now.