NDECC Situational Judgement 2023C2 Mississauga - Afternoon Schedule

Please note that the information provided is subject to change.
All Times below are shown in Local time.
Groups will open based on demand.
Wednesday, April 26Medical Questionnaire, Medical letter, Health promotion - Link between oral health and general health, and Progress note.3PM - 6PM
Monday, May 1Informed Consent3PM - 6PM
Wednesday, May 3Caries Risk Assessment, Amalgam and fluoride misconception, Abuse and neglect, Health promotion - Poverty, and Medical emergencies3PM - 6PM
Wednesday, May 10Treatment plan, Referral to specialist, Percutaneous injury / Ipac, Ethical delimmas, and Smoking cessation.3PM - 6PM
Monday, May 15Treatment plan3PM - 6PM
Wednesday, May 17Practice 13PM - 6PM
Wednesday, May 24Preventive Strategies - Who, Rpd design introduction, Social media use, Critical appraisal, and Post op instruction.3PM - 6PM
Monday, May 29Rpd design3PM - 6PM
Wednesday, May 31Practice 23PM - 6PM
Sunday, June 7Collegiality and reporting, Referral to specialist, Equity, Diversity and inclusion, Phase 2 treatment, and Dismissal and dictating3PM - 6PM
Monday, June 12Liability law3PM - 6PM
Wednesday, June 14Practice 33PM - 6PM
Wednesday, June 21Radiographic interpretation, Bisphosphonates, Co-payment, Dental fear and anxiety, and Amalgam Waste Disposal3PM - 6PM
Monday, June 26Ipac3PM - 6PM
Wednesday, June 28Practice 43PM - 6PM
Wednesday, July 5Practice 53PM - 6PM
Monday, July 10ConclusionTBA
Wednesday, July 12Practice 63PM - 6PM