07 Aug 2020 | Uthman Quick

Prep Doctors’ New Look for ACS

Senior clinical skills instructor, Dr. Fersan Marei, explains some of the changes that have been made to our ACS course that will ensure the health and safety of both staff and trainees at Prep Doctors.

What do you do when you train hundreds of dentists, and a global air-borne novel coronavirus starts spreading in your country? At Prep Doctors, our answer was simple — close everything down and innovate. On March 15th, we closed all three of our labs and began planning and testing new ways of delivering the course for trainees while they were off-site. Our senior clinical skills instructors, Dr. Fersan Marei, Dr. Ban Alani, and Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin, break down how we created new systems for our work checks and live demos and what our trainees are experiencing now that most of them have returned to practice on campus in our new look for ACS.

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