Prep Doctors X Windmill Microlending: Introduce “Cost+ ZERO Financing”

In a groundbreaking partnership, Prep Doctors and Windmill Microlending are proud to introduce “Cost+ ZERO Financing,” a revolutionary loan product designed to support internationally-trained dentists in covering the costs of obtaining a Canadian license. This innovative loan option will be accessible to candidates enrolled in Prep Doctors, offering them an affordable and reliable repayment plan in the face of rising interest rates.


Addressing the Healthcare Professional Shortage in Canada:


Canada is facing a projected shortage of approximately 5,000 dentists by 2028, as per the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS). For foreign-trained applicants, the process of obtaining a dental license in Canada can be both financially and temporally burdensome, involving multiple examinations over several years and a limited number of available exam seats. “Cost+ ZERO Financing” aims to alleviate this burden by providing accessible and dependable financial support throughout the accreditation process.


Zero Interest-Free Advancement for International Students:


The term “zero” signifies an interest-free advancement, offering much-needed relief to international candidates who may face challenges accessing loans with interest rates, not to mention the cost of living in Canada. This product will provide vital support to cover the expenses of NDECC preparation courses and exams, easing the strain on students’ cash flows. Borrowers will gradually repay Windmill the original amount borrowed along with a fee.


A Powerful Collaboration to Empower Dentists:


Prep Doctors, a trusted leader in dental training and support services since 2011, has been instrumental in helping over 7,000 dentists acquire their licenses. Co-Founder and CEO, Firas Abu Saleh, highlighted the organization’s commitment to providing programs for all under-represented groups. He expressed deep gratitude to Windmill’s leadership team for their vision and dedication to investing in this unique opportunity. Abu Saleh looks forward to the partnership continuing to assist their candidates in achieving success in their careers in Canada.


Enabling Dentists to Pursue their Canadian Dreams:


Claudia Hepburn, CEO at Windmill Microlending, expressed concern over the barriers faced by numerous internationally-trained dentists in restarting their careers in dentistry due to the high costs of preparatory courses and licensing exams. Through the exciting collaboration with Prep Doctors, Claudia Hepburn hopes that “Cost+ ZERO Financing” will empower more dentists to afford the expenses of Canadian accreditation and enable them to utilize their skills in Canada.


Recognized by The Globe and Mail:


The launch of “Cost+ ZERO Financing” has garnered widespread recognition, with The Globe and Mail covering the initiative in a recent article. [Read the article here.]


About Prep Doctors:


Prep Doctors is the leading dental training and support services provider, preparing foreign-trained dentists to obtain licenses to practice dentistry in Canada. Through first-class preparatory courses targeting the required National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) exams, as well as Continuing Education courses for professional development, Prep Doctors equips all dentists with the skills they need to excel and maintain their licenses.


About Windmill Microlending:


Windmill Microlending is dedicated to reducing poverty, inequity, and labor shortages by providing affordable loans to help skilled immigrants and refugees put their talents to work in Canada. Since its founding in 2005, Windmill Microlending has delivered over 9,000 loans to new Canadians, helping them triple their incomes on average and transform their potential into prosperity.


Together, Prep Doctors and Windmill Microlending are making a significant impact in addressing the healthcare talent shortage and creating opportunities for dentists to thrive in their careers in Canada. We are committed to empowering dreams and building a brighter future for skilled professionals in the healthcare industry.

Claudia Hepburn, CEO at Windmill Microlending (left) and Firas Abu Saleh, Co-Founder and CEO at Prep Doctors (right)