Adnan Shourbaji

Video Production Specialist
Adnan Shourbaji
Meet the creative eye and visual mastermind behind the Prep Doctors video production—Adnan Shourbaji.

As a self-taught interactive digital media guru, Adnan began his journey in video production through trial and error and what some may call a ‘happy accident.’ Offering his services to various associations at his alma mater—Algonquin College—Adnan found his purpose while catering to multicultural audiences, working with non-profit organizations, and creating spaces for cultural stories in his videos.

For more than seven years, Adnan has been shooting and editing short films, capturing moments at live events, and has filmed in 24 cities across the US, the UK, and South America. Now, Adnan is bringing his talents to Prep Doctors to marry the dental industry with the cinematic aesthetic in which he finds the most joy.

You can find Adnan’s work on all our social media channels and exclusive content on YouTube.