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Dr. Chaoukat Alsakati DDS

Dr. Chaoukat
Dr. Chaoukat completed his dentistry degree in 2016. Wanting to expand his skills internationally, he decided to pursue accreditation in the United Kingdom.


Advancing beyond both process components while completing an internship with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Chaoukat officially became a member of the Joint Dental Faculties of England in 2017. But he didn’t stop there—making his way to Canada in 2018, Dr. Chaoukat excelled in the Canadian dental equivalency process.


Passing both his AFK and ACJ on the first attempt, with an unprecedented score of 100 in AFK, Dr. Chaoukat is currently a Doctor of Dental Surgery candidate at the University of Toronto. Now joining the team at Prep Doctors, Dr. Chaoukat is ready to inspire students with his extensive knowledge of the processes to gain entry into Canadian dental schools.
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