Team - Dr. Mohamad Ali Najimi - Prep Doctors Education

Dr. Mohamad Ali Najimi

Clinical Instructor
Dr. Mohamad Ali Najimi
Inspiring and encouraging dental students to reach their greatest potential has always been Dr. Mohamad Ali Najimi’s driving force. As a graduate of Ajman University in the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Mohamad has trained in implant dentistry and practiced as a general dentist before travelling to Canada and completing his NDEB equivalency process.

Striving to fulfil his passion for instructing and making a difference in the lives of future dentists, Dr. Mohamad joined Prep Doctors to assist in breaking down various complex concepts in ACS to make them easier to digest. He believes a calm and patient instructor is crucial in improving a candidate’s understanding when it comes to the clinical skills exam. Devoting his time between the Mississauga and Richmond Hill labs, Dr. Mohamad is eager to share his knowledge and experience with international dentists on their journey to practicing dentistry in Canada.
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