Dr. Alaa Zourob DDS BDS - Prep Doctors Education

Dr. Alaa Zourob DDS BDS

Head of Content Development

Possessing a DDS from UofT in 2022 and a BDS from the UoS in 2015, and with a strong background in dentistry, Dr. Zourob transitioned into an instructional and content development role at PrepDoctors in 2022. Notably, Dr. Zourob contributed to the development of the Situational Judgment Course and skillfully adapted the OSCE course into a Virtual OSCE format, showcasing a dedication to innovative education.

In collaboration with fellow instructors and administrative colleagues, Dr. Zourob is instrumental in refining Continuing Education courses, ensuring they remain current, effective and up to the standards. Renowned for an exceptional sense of organization, adherence to timelines, and a commitment to unwavering professional ethics, Dr. Zourob consistently delivers high-quality contributions to the team.

Guided by a deep-rooted love for teaching cultivated during personal academic experiences, Dr. Zourob finds profound fulfillment in sharing knowledge and fostering a meaningful learning environment. Beyond the realm of academia, a passion for reading and writing drives Dr. Zourob’s pursuit of self-expression and personal growth.

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