Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin DDS - Prep Doctors Education

Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin DDS

Director of AFK Programs

Dr. Ibrahim has been a Prep Doctors instructor since 2016 and is one of our most active and loved instructors. A dentistry graduate of Egypt’s Future University, Dr. Ibrahim moved to Canada and excelled in the equivalency process getting accepted into the dental program at the University of Toronto.

For the past 3 years, he has launched a very successful career as a dentist practicing across several dental clinics in Ontario but he still continues to find joy in teaching and helping international dentists achieve their Canadian dental equivalency. An expert instructor, Dr. Ibrahim is known for his clear explanations, patient approach and detailed work checks which prove extremely helpful to our trainees. His mantra as an instructor is to make sure that the students get a clear understanding of the concepts so that they are equipped to answer any type of question in the exams.
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