Dr. Zeina Naous - Prep Doctors Education

Dr. Zeina Naous

Dental Marketing Associate

Meet the social media sensation that has taken over your feeds on Instagram, TikTok, and the Prep Doctors stage—Dr. Zeina Naous. If you haven’t seen her viral videos, which often feature her rocking some dental loupes and scrubs and always providing you with the best oral health how-tos, then you’ve likely heard her voice reviewing dental products and exam platforms.


Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. Zeina began her dental career at the Beirut Arab University. Entering the equivalency process herself, she started offering her talents to various dental organizations. It was here as a content creator and influencer with more than 18 million views Dr. Zeina found her ultimate passion—bringing fellow dentists closer to achieving their career goals through dental equivalency and continuing education from her own journey.


As the Dental Marketing Associate at Prep Doctors, Dr. Zeina is driven by her desire to spread dental knowledge and education to millions. She aims to solve everyday clinical problems, improve people’s lives with study tips, and spark moments of delight with her videos. Look out for Dr. Zeina’s latest dental advice and newest content on all our social media accounts.
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