Universities Admission Training Course Is Launched

At Prep Doctors, we always encourage dentists to keep all their choices open when embarking on a dental equivalency journey. And one of these choices is taking the indirect route i.e. University Route. We understand that the journey to dental school can be competitive and challenging. Hence, our expert team of instructors has crafted a specialized course to help you navigate the complex admission process with confidence. Our Universities Admission Training Course is divided into two interconnected parts, both aimed at equipping you with the necessary tools to excel in every aspect of the application process.


To Whom This Course Is Addressed to?


Universities Admission Training Course is tailor-made for individuals who have successfully completed the NDEB Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge (AFK) exam and/or the Advanced Dental Admission Test (ADAT). It serves a vital role in offering a holistic and thorough preparation experience, coupled with valuable application insights. Its primary aim is to be a guiding light for candidates as they navigate the competitive landscape of gaining admission into dental schools across North America, with a specific emphasis on Canadian institutions.


What Does the Course Include?


Part I Content:

•  An overview of Canadian universities that offer programs for internationally trained dentists.
•  A comprehensive breakdown of admission requirements for each university, encompassing documents, testing, application timelines, and pre-entry exams.
•  Detailed explanations of the selection processes employed by each university.
•  Counseling for the successful submission of your application.
•  Clarification of the underlying principles of the university assessment process, shedding light on their criteria and rationale.
•  An array of valuable tools and tips for enhancing your interview skills.
•  In-depth discussions regarding the critical competencies expected of a promising candidate and successful dental student.
•  Thorough exploration of diverse interview question styles, accompanied by optimal approaches for responding to them, complete with practical role-playing exercises.


Part II Content:

•  An overview of interview skills.
•  Specific insights into individual universities, including contextual information and tailored interview questions.
•  Personalized 1:1 mock interview, followed by constructive feedback.


Lastly, It’s essential to plan ahead and have all requirements under your belt to be fully prepared when embarking on the university route.


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For an overview of Prep Doctors Road Map to navigate the university route in an optimum way >>> WATCH the webinar recording below.