Mastering Endodontic Fundamentals


Duration: 2 days

Tuition: $2100 CAD


Why take this course?


Immediately usable techniques


Hands-on training in root canal procedure


Instruction by industry experts

This program is AGD-approved Category 2 (CE Points: 14)

Endodontic procedures are an essential skill for every dental practice. Our endodontic essentials course uses an evidence-based approach to understanding diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment options related to all pathologies involving dental pulp.

We will guide you through everything from Canadian standards for root canal procedures to best practices for managing complications and how to guide patients through their treatment options. Our combination of experienced instructors and hands-on training ensures you receive all the most up-to-date information on root canals and other endodontic procedures.

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Prep Doctors Corp
Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit.
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9/1/2018 to 8/30/2021
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Learning Outcomes & Benefits



  • Practice endodontics using a WaveOne system.
  • Hands-on cleaning and shaping using rotary Waveone files.
  • Obturation using the GuttaCore system.
  • How to carry out root canal procedures inside the mouth in order to master positioning on the dental chair and approaches to various teeth.
  • Complete a full root canal therapy on a simulated Kilgore tooth with transparent roots mounted in the mouth of a full Darwin head.
  • Three further root canal therapies on extracted anterior, premolar and molar teeth.
  • Avoiding mistakes before and during procedures.
  • How to apply a post and core.
  • How to manage complications that occur during treatment, including removal and redoing procedures on the spot.
  • Utilize all the files and the full obturator.
  • How to communicate with patients before, during and after endodontic procedures in a Canadian cultural context.

Instructors for this course

Instructor: Dr. Marwan Al Rayes

Dr. Marwan Al Rayes

Instructor: Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin

Dr. Ibrahim Saadeldin

Instructor: Dr. Omar Al Rawi

Dr. Omar Al Rawi

Instructor: Dr. Ban Alani

Dr. Ban Alani

Instructor: Dr. Fersan Marei

Dr. Fersan Marei

Instructor: Dr. Ahmed Sabri

Dr. Ahmed Sabri

What our graduates say

After doing all my successful preparation to become a licensed dentist in Canada, it was great to go back to improve my skills in endodontics under Dr. Marwan instruction. The Mastering Endodontics Fundamental course was as helpful as all the teachings I have had from Prep Doctors since 2014. Thank you Dr. Marwan one more time.
Dr. Luz Alexandra

When I signed up for the Endo CE course, the instructors went through every step and every detail involved in the study of Endodontics. I now have clarity on all the issues I used to face in the clinic and I can effectively problem solve now. The course is taught in a very detailed manner and there are really no grey areas left unanswered and that's really what I am here for. Dr. Marwan is a really gifted Doctor and so are his other team of instructors. Thank you Prep Doctors for this amazing experience.
Dr. Chitresh Srivastava