Veneers Fundamentals


Duration: 2 days

Tuition: $1,400 CAD



Traditional and digital approaches


Hands-on veneers training


Immediately usable techniques

This program is AGD-approved Category 2 (CE Points: 14)

When we set out to design this course, we studied the challenges dentists face when treatment planning veneers in our own clinics and North America in general. We found that fear and a lack of experience prevent many dentists from taking advantage of this prevalent and lucrative treatment. Our solution? A course that is both foundational and jam-packed with hands-on training.

We created a two-day program where you will first be introduced (or reintroduced) to the basic principles of veneers. Armed with the requisite knowledge, you will head to the lab and begin taking your own impressions and temporizing — all with the guidance of Dr. Marwan Al Rayes and his team of dental instructors.

Instead of being happy with just impressions and temporizing, we added another full day so that you can learn how to use a Cerec milling machine and actually make the veneers you prepared the day before. You’ll get to see and touch your veneer, understand the limitations of the materials and learn how to reduce the veneer until it is ready.

This course takes you through the whole process — from treatment planning to final outcomes.

What Does the Course Include?

Day One

  • Didactic lecture on the principles of:
  • veneer preparation
  • veneer restorations
  • temporisation of veneers
  • indications/contraindications of veneers
  • direct vs indirect methods
  • different types of veneers
  • Hands-on lab training
  • Preparing impressions
  • Temporizing veneers

Day Two

Hands-on session at Patterson Dental where you will:

  • Receive a step-by-step guide to using a Cerec milling machine
  • Make your own veneer based on the preparation from the previous day
  • Live demonstration of veneer reduction followed by guided practice
  • Learn how to communicate final outcome with your patients

All equipment and materials included. Just bring your loupes!


Our Instructors

What Our Graduates Say

Best place for internationally trained dentists to get oriented and integrated into dentistry profession in Canada . They helped me clearing all of my equivalency exams from the first attempt . Their CE courses are very helpful for beginner practitioners . I really learnt a lot from them . Very scientific , informative and dedicated staff , all that in a friendly respectful ambiance .
Dr. Firas Sabbagh